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The Zen Cart development team has released a new version 1.5.5.  It is not PA DSS certified like version 1.5.4 which EVERYONE should be running.  Older versions of Zen Cart are not PCI compliant for collecting credit card payments, so if your current version is less than 1.5.4, you certainly need to upgrade to protect you and your clients.  I personally see no reason to upgrade to 1.5.5 if you are running 1.5.4.  If you are running a version PRIOR to 1.5.4, you should upgrade as soon as possible.

To check what version you are running, go to your admin Tools>Server / Version Info and below the server information you should see the version you are running.

As usual, we will be doing upgrades in the order received.  Pricing depends upon two things:  1) What version of Zen Cart you are running and 2) how many modifications you have installed.

If you do not know all the modifications you have installed, prior to placing your order, please fill out this form and I will go take a peek in your admin and at your files to let you know what mods you have and need to order.  It is IMPORTANT that you fill out the form ACCURATELY and test the info before sending it to me.  All mods are 30% off when doing an upgrade when you use coupon code ModsUpgrade when you check out.

There are many things that the latest version of Zen Cart has.  I am listing a few for you:
1.  Template Default will now be responsive for mobile phones and tablets.
2.  All known security and bug fixes will be incorporated
3.  Order details now to show on checkout-success page after customer has completed their order
4.  PayPal Checkout has been updated to support newer capabilities
5.  Error logging has been improved for troubleshooting any problems
6.  PHP7 and MySQL 5.7 capabilities
7.  Ability to reset the customer’s password in your Admin
8.  Automated currency updating via new cron code
9.  phpMailer Integration
10. Added hooks to allow for 3rd-party-handling of taxes
11. Multiple updates to payment modules

There are MANY MORE improvements in the new version, these are just a few.  My personal favorite that I think store owners are going to really like is #7 – the ability to reset the customer’s password in the admin.  Unfortunately this doesn’t send the password to the customer… but you can easily tell them over the phone or via email what the new password is.

By visiting the zen cart website here, you can see a complete list of the updates made in this version.   You can get in line for your upgrade by going to our website and ordering the correct item that you need.