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Responsive Template Design

In April 2015, Google announced that sites that do not have a responsive design that works with phones and tablets would not be indexed in their google mobile index.  Because more people are using mobile devices such as phones and tablets to access the internet, it is important that your website has a responsive design.

Whether you want a completely new, fresh Zen Cart template design or just want your current template updated to be responsive, we are happy to help you.

Summer Special – Zen Cart Upgrade Discount

It is ALWAYS in the your best interest and especially your customers best interest that you have the latest version of any software on your website.  This especially applies to a software like Zen Cart that requires maximum security for collecting payment.

We are having a Summer special where, if you hire us to do a NEW responsive design for you, we will also upgrade your Zen Cart at half price.  By using coupon code ModsUpgrade when you place your order, you will also receive an additional 30% discount to upgrade any mods that are currently installed as well as adding new mods you might want!  This adds up to a savings of $125-$250 depending upon what version of Zen Cart you are running.  The latest, PCI compliant version is 1.5.4.  Here is a link to order

If you do not know all of the mods you may have installed, please contact us via email or phone (816-550-1900) and, after being given access to your admin, I can log in to your admin and give you a list.

We always try to install the following modules at no charge:

1.  Backup MySql Database (some servers will reject this)
2.  Latest Version of CK Editor
3.  UPS and USPS latest versions (if already installed)

This special is running through the summer only so get your order in and get on the schedule now if you want to take advantage of this savings.


We have received word that is switching to using Akamai services to interface with their current system in order to avoid future downtime when they are performing maintenance actions and updates.

Because of the seamless way they’re implementing the changes, you could easily make NO changes to your Zen Cart files and things will work just fine.  There may be a delay and some downtime when they do updates, but that should be minimal and probably not any different from what your site already experiences.

To see if you are using, in your Zen Cart admin go to Modules>Payment and look at the top two lines and see if you have a green light to the right of them.  If you do, you are using  If the buttons are red, you are NOT using

If you wish to make the changes is suggesting in order to benefit from their updates sooner and avoid downtime during maintenance, there is a small change that needs to be made in your Zen Cart files.  If you want to do this yourself, you can find information on what to change at the Zen Cart website here

If you would like for us to make this change for you, our charge is $25 which is our minimum troubleshooting charge.  Please be SURE to click the blue button on the checkout success page to go to our data collection site and correctly fill out the Module Installation form if you place an order for us to perform the work for you.