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emailIf you have a Zen Cart website and do not use a domain specific email address (eg:  sales@ whatever your domain name is here ) you may have noticed an increase in emails from your cart bouncing back to you as undelivered since April 2014.

If you are getting an error that says something like:  This message failed DMARC Evaluation and is being refused due to provided DMARC Policy from your AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail or other free email provider, this post should help.

It is ALWAYS more professional to have a domain specific email address.  Period.  However, a way to get around the DMARC Policy if you absolutely must have your email go to your non domain specific account is to do the following:  (instructions are for people with cPanel hosting)

1.  Log into your hosting control panel – if you are hosted on one of our cPanel servers, the link would be your domain name followed by /cpanel.

2.  Click on the FORWARDERS icon that is under the Email section

3.  Click on Add Forwarder

4.  Enter a domain specific email address… such as

5.  Under Destination, click “Forward to Email Address” and put the non domain specific email account here.

6.  Click the Add Forwarder button to save it.

7.  In your Zen Cart admin, go to Configuration>Email Options and change all of the email addresses to your domain specific email address that you entered in step 4.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  DO NOT actually create an email account in your cPanel.  If you do, the emails will pile up and you will need to periodically log in and clean all the forwarded emails out.

Read more about DMARC Policies

zclogoThe developers of Zen Cart have officially released a new version with many bug fixes and a few improvements to the core.

This version is not yet PA DSS certified, but is in the process of getting certified.  Once it becomes certified, I believe it will be receiving a new version number.

If you are running 1.3X for your online store, you really need to upgrade not only to protect YOU but your customers as well.

If you need help with upgrading your website, we are happy to do it for you.  Visit our Zen Cart Upgrade section on our website for details and pricing.