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Using Photoshop CS3 I am able to produce images – specifically zen cart header images for my clients’ websites by going through the following steps:

1. Open the photo or image that you want to have round corners on in your Photoshop program.

2. Choose SELECT and the ALL from the top menu

3. Choose SELECT then MODIFY then CONTRACT – and enter in a number to contract your image by. I usually use the smallest pixel size I can get by with – which is 3.

4. Choose SELECT then MODIFY then SMOOTH – which will round the edges of your selection. I usually use 10px for the number which works very well.

5. Choose SELECT then INVERSE – this will allow you to invert your selection back to the original rectangular or square shape.

6. Choose EDIT then CUT in order to cut out the background behind the rounded corner image you have just created and make it transparent.

7. Save the file and enjoy!

When creating a zen cart store, it is important to use an overrides directory to put information specific to your template in.

We automatically create the following folders and download the files/folders from the template_default into these folders each time we build a zen cart template for our clients, naming our overrides directory/foldersĀ  “custom”.

—-custom (put english.php file here)
——custom (put index.php, header.php, meta_tags.php and shopping_cart.php in this folder)
——–custom (put all the files under the default html_includes folder here)
—-customĀ  (download all files in the folders below from the template_default)

By using this structure for your overrides directory, this prevents you from overriding core files and gives you the ability to go back to those core files should something go amiss when you are editing the files in your overrides directory.