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Version 4.0a of the Mail Chimp Newsletter side box for Zen Cart was released on October 23, 2016.  This new version is written to support 3.0 of MailChimp’s API and all other versions will be depreciated on December 31, 2016.

If you use the Mail Chimp side box, you will need to either download the latest version from the Zen Cart website, or you can have us install the update for you.


While the zen cart e-commerce shopping cart program is very powerful right “out of the box”, there are times that you may need added functionality to suit your business.

Since zen cart is a very popular program, there have been hundreds of modifications written to expand upon it.  In this section, I will try to go over and explain how some of the more popular modifications to zen cart work, so you can decide whether it is something that would be beneficial to your store.

When a customer sends you a message from your contact us page, the admin will receive an email that has the customer’s name, their email address and their message. I have found at times that it is easier to respond to the customer by phone instead of responding to the email because of the length of the email or simply because it is easier to explain something verbally than it is to write it in an email.

This is where adding the phone number to your zen cart contact us page comes in real handy. The phone number would also be a part of the email the admin receives, so it is right in front of them so they can just pick up the phone and call!

There may be times when a store owner will need to add a customer account to their zen cart store, such as if you take phone orders and want to make sure all sales are tracked in your zen cart admin. It also is helpful if you sell your products at discounts to different groups of people – perhaps another retailer who is getting wholesale pricing and has filled out a special application to be a retailer of your products.

If you ever find the need to add a customer from your admin area, the Add Customer from Admin modification will fill the bill for you. This mod allows you to set up a customer and also have zen cart send the customer a welcome email if you want it to. You can find this zen cart mod on the zen cart website’s downloads area.