Just starting a new store and want your order number the customers see to be a number larger than #1?  Starting a new year and want to see a somewhat accurate reporting of the hits during that year only?  Zen Cart makes it easy for you to change these numbers in just a minute!

When your customers place an order, they receive an email that has their order number in the subject line as well as in the body of the order confirmation email.  Many store owners may have a brick and mortar store and are just starting to sell on the internet and want to change that order number to one that appears to be more “successful” if you will.  I suggest when a customer starts a new store, that they start their order number at 500.  Let’s face it… a larger order number is going to breed confidence in your customer, whether they realize it or not.

To change an order number, the first thing you need to do is place a test order, so you have order #1.  Once you have done that, you can easily change the NEXT order number to a number higher than 1.  Log into your Zen Cart admin, mouse over the Tools menu, then from the drop down menu, select Store Manager.  Once there, you will see a spot where you can enter a new order number.

In this same area, you can also change your hit counter.  Customers never see this.. it is for your benefit only.  I like to change my hit counter to zero each year just for kicks and grins!  Below is an image that will show you where to go to accomplish these two tasks.  Happy zenning!


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