announced that it would be disallowing SSLv3 connections on November 4, 2014 due to the POODLE vulnerability that was discovered.

PayPal issued a statement to account holders today that it would begin (again) disallowing SSLv3 connections on December 3rd, 2014.

This solution provided by the Zen Cart development team is to modify files so that no SSL version is specified a higher level of SSL can be negotiated from your Zen Cart website.

If you need help with modification of the files, we will be happy to revise them for you so your Zen Cart payment modules work properly.  Our charge for this fix is $50. 

If you have USPS installed, changes were made by USPS and a new version was released on 11/2/14.  This new version includes returning rates for First Class Large Envelope as well as the fix for the POODLE vulnerability.  If you have us change the files, please indicate in the comments section of your order that you want USPS updated and we will do it for no charge since we will be doing the POODLE fix on the other files.

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