Because I have to collect a lot of information from customers regarding their FTP access, Admin access, etc., the easiest and most secure way I could find to do this was to use google docs. I recently had someone ask me how to embed a google docs form into their website, so here are some instructions that will help you do that.

embed google doc in zen cart

1. Create the form at in your account
2. Click on the link to the form to see the spreadsheet
3. Mouse over the form menu and a dropdown will appear, go down to embed form in a webpage and click on that link – (see image)
4. Copy the iframe coding it gives you in the popup
5. Go into your ezpages and set up an ezpage for the form (Tools>Ezpages) – make SURE you are using Plain Text as the editor
6. Put a title in, put a sort number in the header, footer, sidebox, etc wherever you want the link to be, paste the code from google and save the ezpage
7. If you do not want a column to show up with this form, go to Configuration>Ez-Page Settings and you will see EZ-Pages Pages to disable left-column and EZ-Pages Pages to disable right-column where you can enter in the number of your ezpage.
8. When someone fills out the form, the information will be displayed on your spreadsheet in your google docs area of your Google account.

Hope this helps someone with adding a form to their zen cart website easily.

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