SSL for Zen CartI have had clients ask me if they should purchase an SSL certificate and dedicated IP address for their zen cart hosting account with us, and my answer is always a resounding “YES”.

My rationale for this answer two-fold:

1. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates encrypts your customer’s data by scrambling it up in a numeric process so that when it reaches the place it is supposed to go to (eg:, paypal, etc.) it is then decoded and read. This safeguards your customer’s sensitive information.

2. SSL certificates also provides your customers the assurance that a 3rd party verification from the certificate issuer (eg: Comodo, Verisign) has been done to verify you are who you say you are. This is very important today as scammers are stealing people’s money and identities. Any savvy shopper will look for indications that your site is secure. If they do not see that indicator, they will most likely leave the site to shop somewhere else.

In my professional opinion, any web site that will be collecting sensitive information from their clients should have their own SSL certificate for their company. Using a shared server SSL certificate is not even close to professional and should be an indicator to your visitors that your business is not “successful” enough to afford the $100 per year for your own SSL certificate and dedicated IP. For this reason, we do not even offer a shared SSL certificate on our servers.

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