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For those of you who are using Paypal IPN as your method of receiving payments, the Zen Cart Developers are recommending that you do NOT use the Paypal IPN as a payment method because it is “antiquated”. They recommend that you use PayPal Express checkout which is more up to date.

To quote from this post:

“This is a good time to remind you that you really should be using PayPal Express Checkout if you’re accepting PayPal on your site. Using the old IPN/Website-Payments-Standard method for payments is becoming antiquated and has been known to have problems in various circumstances. Using the newer Express Checkout approach is far more reliable for completing payments and giving your customer up-to-date confirmation that their order has been paid and accepted by your store.
Naturally, also upgrading to the latest version of Zen Cart is similarly valuable and important.”

To check what method you are using, you can log into your admin area and mouse over the word MODULES then click on PAYMENT

If there is a “green light” by Paypal IPN, under the status column, it is what you are using.

To de-activate Paypal IPN, simply click on it and and click the REMOVE button on the right side.

NOTE: You CANNOT have both PayPal IPN and Express checkout activated at the same time in your admin. You must uninstall the IPN first.

To activate PayPal Express, click on it and click the install button and follow the instructions to fill in the information from PayPal that it is requesting. Here is a link with instructions on how to do that:

To order an upgrade to the latest version of Zen Cart, please visit

Should you decide to continue using PayPal IPN, please note:

As of April 7th, PayPal has added several IP addresses to its DNS as follows:

PayPal instructs those using IPN to check with their hosting company to make sure these IP’s are listed if the server is behind a firewall.

“However, if you are using IPN for Order Management and your IPN listener is behind a firewall, you may need to update your firewall configuration to allow outbound access to these IP addresses. This action will ensure that your IPN listener does not get intermittent timeouts when performing IPN validation by posting back to”

If you are hosted on one of our servers, we have sent a notice to our Technical Support Department to make sure these IP’s are added if necessary. You will also receive a duplicate of this email from our server.


Judy and Tommy Gunderson

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