Once again, HIT Web Design, formerly Heritage Solutions, is back in the news.

On March 8th, 2011, HIT abandoned over $15,000 customers they provided hosting for through fibernet and also provided zen cart web design to customers.

Fiber.net is trying to help hosting companies that HIT abandoned. You can see their help section for more info if you were unfortunate enough to be entangled in this nightmare.

The local TV Station in Utah – Ksl.com has a news report on HIT Web Design (below) with more information about HIT, Heritage, and the “new” company that sprung up a week before HIT abandoned their customers. This company, ISO Web Works, is owned by former Vice President of HIT – Kevin Morrill, who claims he is not a “revamp” of HIT. Some may know that a couple of years ago, Heritage Web Design closed its doors and opened up under the name HIT. The below video from KSL is very informative.

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

We will be happy to help anyone who wants to have their zen cart websites redesigned in the current version of zen cart – which requires a brand new site due to the old 1.3.7 zen cart coding that HIT used and hacked to suit their purposes. Please feel free to contact us at 816-550-1900 for a quote.

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