zen cart product listingZen Cart’s default setting for the amount of products to show on the product listing page is 10 products.  If you have 30 products, your cart will display the first 10, then your customer will need to click a “next” link to see the next 10 and so on.

To avoid confusion and possible products not being seen because visitors are not paying attention, you can revise the number of products that are displayed on your product listing page.

To do this, log into your admin and mouse over the word Configuration and from the drop menu select Maximum Values.    Towards the bottom you will see:  Products Listing- Number Per Page.  Click on this and on the right side a box will show up,  change the value to a larger number….  say…. 100.  Then press the update button.

Another handy setting on this Maximum Values page is to be able to control how many orders and customers you see in your admin area.  You can modify these numbers by changing the values under:

Customer Order History List Per Page
Maximum Display of Customers on Customers Page
Maximum Display of Orders on Orders Page

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