zen cart update cart buttonZen Cart’s standard button_update_cart.gif is small, and a lot of my clients do not like it because they are afraid their customers will not know what it means.  The alternative is to have a larger button with text.

Shopping Cart Update Button

Click Image for larger view

Unfortunately, because Zen Cart displays this new larger button next to the quantity box (default settings), it leaves less space to the right for the product name as shown in the image to the right.  While I personally think that the update button is pretty clear as to what its function is… others don’t seem to think so.  Granted, if you enter a new amount in the quantity box and press the enter key, it will achieve the same result as if you entered the amount and pressed the update button.

But, if you are afraid your customer is not internet savvy enough to know what the standard update cart button is for…. then chances are they are not going to be savvy enough to press enter when changing the quantity either!

So, what are your choices?  We can keep the default image and hope our customers figure out some way to update their quantity either by pressing the image or hitting the enter button;  We can use the larger image and let the product name get scrunched up; We can completely REMOVE the update button altogether… but then… that pretty much defeats the purpose of trying to make things easy for those less than savvy customers.

Admin update shopping cart button

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No worries!  The Zen Cart development team has made it easy for you to have your cake and eat it too!

In your admin area, mouse over CONFIGURATION, then go down to STOCK.  About 3/4 of the way down the page you will see:  “Show Shopping Cart – Update Cart Button Location” If you will click on that, you will see that you have been given options on where and how to display the update cart button.  After clicking the edit button, your choices are:

1= Next to each Qty Box
2= Below all Products
3= Both Next to each Qty Box and Below all Products

Shopping cart with one update button

Larger Image

If we change this from the default of #3, to #2, then the update button will no longer show up next to the quantity box, but your larger image with text on it will still show up under the shopping cart total line to the right of your Continue Shopping button!

This should make it easier for those less internet savvy customers to update their carts as they need to and still maintains a nicely spaced shopping cart page in the process.

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