A new release of Zen Cart has been issued which contains many changed core files as well as updates for security.  Current release is 1.3.9b.

For those of you wishing to upgrade your sites yourself, please pay very careful attention to all core files that have been changed since the version you are using.  Many modifications for zen cart will end up needing to be updated for this new version, so keep in mind that some mods you have installed may not work.

A few modifications that I know of that definately will not work without new releases are those that use the products table – such as stock by attributes, dual pricing and group pricing per item.

Also important is that you do your upgrade in a different directory and port over your database into a new one for the upgrade.  Once all is running the way you need it, then you can move files over to your main site.

Should you wish for me to do the upgrade for you, you can find that service here – UPGRADE from 1.3+ to 13.9b Keep in mind that this upgrade does not include updating modifications.

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