Do you ever have the need to make one or more of your zen cart ez pages take up the full width of your site and not display the left and/or right side columns?  An example of needing to do this could be that you have an ez page that you want to display large pictures on wrapped with text – but perhaps your site is narrow and with the ez page displayed in the narrow center column – it just doesn’t look too great.

I worked on a website today with just this issue.  The website is 750 pixels wide and had a left column that was set at 200 pixels wide.  The client had some beautiful photos with text she wanted made into an ez page.  Trying to squeeze these photos with wrapped text into 550 pixels was going to make the wrapped text area beside the photos very small.  Because there were navigation links at the top and bottom of the website, and also the breadcrumb was active, I saw no reason why we could not get rid of the left side bar for this page and the client’s visitors should still be able to find their way around the site once they were done reading the info on the ez page.

So, after we set up the ez page, I went to the Configuration> EzPages Settings in the admin and put the ID of the ez pages in the boxes that said
EZ-Pages Pages to disable left-column
EZ-Pages Pages to disable right-column

I separated each ez page ID with a comma only (no space) – so it looks like so:  4,10,11

This effectively removed the left and right columns and the ez page took the whole 750 px width of the site.

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