There may be times when you want to set up a category on your zen cart that does not have any items to purchase in it. For example, it could be something important that you want displayed in your category box with information or images in it.

When you create a category that does not have any products in it, zen cart will automatically insert the following line at the bottom of that category page:

“There are no products to list in this category”

If you would like to get rid of this, you need to edit the includes/ languages/ english/ YOUR CUSTOM FOLDER/ index.php file. If you use an HTML editor, you need to go to around line 81 and you will see the following:

define(‘TEXT_NO_PRODUCTS’, ‘There are no products to list in this category.’);

Simply edit that line by taking out the sentence – being careful to not delete the quote marks. So you would end up with the following:

define(‘TEXT_NO_PRODUCTS’, ”);

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