Zen Cart will allow you to easily display new products that you have entered at the bottom of several pages of your web site if you want it to.

The first thing you will need to do is set up the box that shows in the center of the pages so that it will display the new products. This will create a center box that has the words “New Products for the Month of “current month name here”.

To do this you need to log into your zen cart admin and mouse over the word Configuration, then go down to Index Listing and click on it. This will bring you to a page where you can put the sort numbers of how you want New, Featured, Special and Upcoming product boxes to be displayed.

Zen Cart New Product Listing Center Box

You will see by the above example that the new products has been turned off because there is a 0 in the sort order. Putting a 1 in this area will display it first.

Once you have decided the sort order, you can now go to Configuration > Maximum Values and towards the bottom you will see New Product Listing – Limited to … When clicking on this you will see the following display:

Zen Cart Limiting New Products in Center Box

So, as an example… if you set this up to display new products that you have entered in the last 7 days, any product entered in the last 7 days will be shown. If NO new products were entered in the last 7 days, then the box will not show up in the middle column at all, because there are no products that fall within the guidelines you specified to be shown.

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