If you are building a zen cart website design on your own, you should create your design in what we call an “overrides” directory for zen cart.

Zen cart comes out of the box with a “Classic Contemporary Green” template, as well as template default files. When creating a new template set, it is always best to use the template default files and copy them into your overrides directory. When building zen cart websites, we most usually name the overrides directory “custom” but you can name it anything you want.

The reason we create overrides directories is so that during your design work, if you should “break” the code in a file, you have not revised a core file and you can easily download that core file back into your overrides directory and start over again if needed.

The steps to take in creating a template are as follows:
1. Create a folder named custom under includes/templates

2. Take the following folders from the includes/templates/template_default folder and copy them into the includes/templates/custom folder you just created:
–templates (create this directory but do not download all the files into it – you should only use this folder if there are customizations to the template files that you can copy individually into this folder if needed.)

3. Copy the includes/templates/template_default/template_info.php file down into the includes/templates/custom folder and edit that file changing the top line to say custom template instead of default template – and edit the other information as you see fit.

4. Upload all these folders onto the server

5. Log into your zen cart admin area and mouse over the word Tools and click on Template Selection.

6. Choose Custom Template from the drop down menu and then click on the update button

7. Next go to Tools> Layout boxes controller and activate the boxes that you will need for your new template

8. From here, the balance of the work is to change the stylesheet.css to meet your needs, upload a new logo.gif that you have created for your website and change any other graphics – such as the tile_back.jpg file to match your color scheme.

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