As e-commerce website designers, we are constantly looking at various shopping carts and evaluating them to see how they compare to the zen cart ecommerce shopping cart.  As you look for an ecommerce website solution, we recommend that you, at the very least, evaluate the following for your ecommerce solution:

  1. Cost.  Many shopping carts are not offered as open source software like zen cart is.  So, you will pay for the actual software, then pay for a designer that might happen to know how to design a site using that software, and then sometimes you will pay extremely high fees each month in order to host the website and maintain that software.  A designer may charge $5,000 and UP to design a website using these programs.  As zen cart web design experts, we charge a nominal fee to get your web site on the internet, completely configured and ready to start selling!
  2. Ease of use for the administrator.  Many shopping carts will look “impressive” on the outside, but when you get into the back end of things and try to actually run the site, you are at a complete loss as to what to do.  With zen cart, the administration area of your website is laid out in an understandable fashion and once the site is designed, basically all the owner of the store needs to do is process their orders that come in!
  3. User Friendly for your customer.  If you have shopped on the internet, you have surely seen websites that you actually “get lost” in.  I, personally, get irritated if I have to push that darn “BACK” button to find the page I was previously on.  Some times stores will have so many things going on with the site, that it is hard to focus on what you need to do or where the info is that you are needing.  Most sites using zen cart as their ecommerce solution, have menus either on the top, bottom or sides of the pages that remain constant, so your customer never gets “lost”.
  4. Additional Functionality and Flexibility.  Sometimes you can have what you think is the most wonderful shopping cart system in the world – but when it comes down to customizing that shopping cart, say… by adding a special report for sales taxes, exporting your product line into an Excel spreadsheet, making your pictures enlarge and pop up when moused over or clicked… you are just out of luck!  Because of zen cart’s popularity as an open source shopping cart system, there are many programmers who have written modifications that extend the already powerful functions of zen cart.  Hundreds of modifications have been written that will most likely give you exactly what you are looking for in adding more functions to your zen cart ecommerce store!

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